Event Partner and Sponsors

Conway Arena

For years Conway Arena has been host to skaters and hockey players of all ages and abilities but there is a good chance the beautiful rink in Nashua NH has never seen the likes of The All Day Power Play. That is all about to change. We are happy to announce that for the fourth year Conway Arena will host the All Day Power Play and be our 24 hour home. They have provided us with the opportunity to continue making a difference to the children of Nashua Children's Home. We are extremely grateful for the opportunity to partner with Conway Arena and looking forward to a successful fund raising event.

Conway Arena information: Home to Nashua High, Daniel Webster College, Souhegan High School, Nashua Panthers Youth Hockey, Valley Hockey League, Gate City Figure Skating Club and Top Fitness. The rink itself is a 200' x 85' state of the art ice rink with 7 Locker rooms, seating for 1050 people, a pro-shop, concessions, an arcade, a conference room, a large lobby and seating area, a figure skating room and a fitness room. They provide public skating with skate rentals as well as stick and puck time. To find out more go to http://www.conwayarena.com.

Jeanne D'Arc Credit Union


Bob and Anita Coco at "No-Icing" Sports have been amazingly generous for the past 9 years, not only donating tons of equipment for the Auctions and Raffles but also by taking care of us on the day of the event. For many of us walking into "No-Icing" is like being Norm walking into Cheers. It's that local shop where everybody knows your name. Well in Bob's case ...knows what sharpening you use. How does he keep all of them committed to memory? To find out more go to http://www.noicingsports.com/.

Topshelf Hockey

Along with participating in the inaugural All Day Power Play, and keeping us all skating by running all the Topshelf Hockey leagues in Hudson, Roxanne Taylor has been among the top sponsors of our event by annually donating one of our most prized raffle items: One free season of Topshelf Hockey. To find out more about Topshelf Hockey go to http://www.topshelfhockeynh.com/

Bridget Hersey

Put a bunch of people together to play hockey and there are bound to be some bumps, bruises, pulled muscles, cramps and general discomfort. I can speak personally to her amazing talent and ability to get us back on the ice skating the day away. Visit Bridget on Facebook and think about scheduling an appointment to see her before or after the event. Your body will thank you for it.

My Hockey Pucks

Please visit the team at MyHockeyPucks when you are thinking about ordering custom pucks. Edward Neira owner of MyHockeyPucks was super friendly and genuinely excited to be one of this year's partners. We are very happy with the quality of the pucks, the speed of delivery, and the price. Looking forward to working with Eddie again when we ramp up the 2015 event.

MFS Investment Mgmt

Abel Womack

M&M Storefront