About the All-Day Power Play


The inaugural All Day Power Play to benefit Nashua Children's Home was held in July 2008. A grass roots local effort to help raise money for Nashua Children's Home, it was not clear at the time if the event would be a success, if anyone would want to participate, or even how much money it would raise. An amazing thing happened, the brotherhood of hockey players united, and they skated, and they raised nearly $25,000. The event was the most successful fund raising event in NCH's history and it sparked a new tradition.

Nashua Children's Home

Our Tradition

For the past nine years the All Day Power Play has been a staple of summertime hockey across New England, with the addition of players making the long trip down from Canada, we had our first international participants during the 2011 event. A group of hockey players intent on skating the day away, literally. For 24 hours these 60 or so ironmen and women play hockey but most importantly they help raise money for an organization that has in recent years seen its budgets severely cut. In nine years the All Day Power Play topped the $200,000 raised mark. All for a great cause: Nashua Children's Home.


Many times while raising donations I have been asked, Who does the money go to? Well thanks to corporate donations that cover any costs or overhead for supplies for the event, every dollar raised by the All Day Power Play goes directly to Nashua Children's Home. Who or what is Nashua Children's Home? Nashua Children's Home is committed to the care, welfare and educational achievement of children and youth within its Residential and Educational Programs, and the successful transition to adult living of young men and women in its Transitional Living Program. Nashua Children's Home provides care and stability to boys and girls unable to remain with their families, special education services for students who have not been successful in public school settings, and supportive housing for youth that have "aged-out" of care.

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The Players

This event would not exist if it were not for the players that raise funds for Nashua Children's Home, come to the rink, spend a sleepless night skating away the darkness until the sun comes up. They do it all for a great cause, they do it without complaints, they do it because they are hockey players, young and old, from 13 to 63. All ages, all races, all religions playing for one day side by side all for a great cause. They do it because they love to play, they want to participate in something unique, they want to help Nashua Children's Home be able to help those kids that have no place else to go.

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